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About Us

The innovative platform that connects you with successful entrepreneurs, experienced professionals and industry leaders.


Revolutionize the way of doing Startup, democratizing access to entrepreneurship.


Empower and connect young talents and successful entrepreneurs.

Why do we do this?

The key to a startup's success lies in its founder. However, when starting out, you're often missing crucial elements like experience, know-how or a solid network.

Sarting Growth is designed to empower founders by rapidly expanding their network and fast-tracking their learning. Imagine gaining three years' worth of experience in just three months, becoming the best version of a founder by learning directly from the top minds in the industry.

Join us and discover how to transform your future!


Filippo Catania


Edoardo Bellomonte


Benedetta Stabile


Lorenzo Fiorentino


Antonio Rossi

Full Stack Developer

Gabriele Cireddu

Full Stack Developer

Flavio Cambrea

Sales Junior

Andrea De Cosmo

AI Engineer

Guilherme Brum Dutra

Growth Manager

Gabriele Comanducci

Sales Junior

Alessandro Gabriotti

FFF Investor


Andrea Ferrero

CEO @Young Platform

Luca Mignini

COO @Campbell's (NYSE: CPB)

Massimiliano Squillace

CEO @Contents.com (5x exit Founder)

Valentina Ambruoso

Senior Digital Strategy/Account Manager @Google

Luca Barboni

CMO 247X / Silicon Valley Growth Hacker